A new show cart jut arrived in Australia. The colours where choosen to suit the Belgian Draught Horse

SHOW CARTS 2 TYPES BASIC MODEL has non removable wheels, no pin stripping, painted hubs, Floor Mat, your choice of paint colour OPTIONAL: Cart Covers TOP OF THE RANGE Has removable wheels Stainless Steel Hubs, Pin Stripping, Cart covers, Floor Mat your choice of paint colour

SHOW CART SIZE The show cart body width and shaft widths comes in different sizes depending on the size of your horse

SEAT LIFTS UP allowing storage under the seat. All show carts come with a small pot of paint the same colour as your show cart so you can do paint touch ups if required.

SPRING ADJUSTMENT FOR SEAT The height of the springs can be either lowered or made higher giving you seat adjustment

SHOW CART STEP is located at the rear of the vechicle behind the seat

SHOW CART HUBS They are either Stainless Steel or Painted Hubs PIN STRIPPING Yor choice of colour

MEADOWBROOK CART Great for showing or pleasure driving. Easy to mount as the floor is lower to the ground. Access from behind, half the seat tilts up so you can walk through to front. We currentley have in stock Meadowbrook carts to suit Gypsy Cobs and 15 hand and up horse size.

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SHOW CARTS SOLD BY Carbery Carriage and Harness have been specially designed and modified for CCAH allowing a more correct position of the driver and better leg positioning for taller people.